Anders Weijnitz

Side Projects

Being permanently curious, I usually keep a couple of side projects going. Some are pretty basic, other more elaborate. Can't say I finish all, or even half of them. In the end that is probably a good thing. For hobbies, it's not the goal, it's the road that takes you there which is the reward.

These are a couple of examples that I find myself returning to off and on lately.


  • Use machine learning for arty selfies
  • Take picture, pick artwork and see the result
  • In-browser transfer-style neural network!
  • Try it online!


Raspberry Pi

Who am I?

Born in Sweden, Living in Germany, Working with digital transformation

I make things

Making things, tinkering and programming have grown from childhood fascination into a real hobby (and a career!).

I like it outdoors

Nothing beats getting out and breathing some fresh air on the weekend or during vacation. Living near the alps makes it even better.

I work with Digital Transformation

Digital Business Transformation is a fancy term for using technology to make life easier for people and businesses. It is great!


This is where you find me online.